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House Paint

Ceiling = Dover White (supplied by Ryland)
Walls = 413-3 Ostrich Feather (supplied by Ryland)
Power Room = Behr 720D-4 Ashwood (Satin)
Girls Bathroom = Behr 370A-2 Pale Daffodil (Satin)

For painting behind the toilet, used 4 inch Smooth Services "Better" High density foam and newspaper to cover the back.

Replacement Pulls in the bedroom - Birdcage Bail Design, SKU=96 926-408

Sprinkler System

  1. Turn off water in the basement
  2. Turn yellow valve off (just above the spicket)
  3. Use attachment and attach to the right side of the device outside (remove the current one and replace it with the one that should be hanging from the air compressor)
  4. Run air hose to the attachment, do not attach yet.
  5. Start the compressor. Set it to 45psi (looking to keep it between 40-50, not over 50psi
  6. Set the sprinkler to manual, set the first station to 10 minutes (time to finish setting the other stations and get the hose hooked up), set the other stations to 5 minutes.
  7. Make sure the first station is running, if so, hook up the hose to the attachment
  8. Air should be pushing out water at station one.
  9. Wait and watch the other stations, make sure to keep the PSI below 50
  10. Remove the air hose.
  11. Reattach the piece on the right
  12. Set all valves to half way open.
  13. Drain the lines to the spickets: The one to the sprinkler needs to drain back into the house. The one to the back, if you give it a quick burst of water (after opening the drain) it will pull the water out the spicket.

Reverse process (minus the blowout) for spring.




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