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DR Weight-loss challenge 2009

Week by week stats

WeekWeek StartingDain WeightDan WeightChallenge Complete
1June 1st220.4268.8biggrinDevelop a list of 3 physical or non-physical challenges that will help you or the other teams reach their weight loss goals.
2June 8th217.0271.0biggrinTrack your nutrition for 7 days – Record all foods and liquids consumed during the next 7 days.
3June 15th212.6265.0biggrin Each participant is to come up with one topic for discussion during the weekly seminars.
4June 22nd212.8261.6 biggrin Each participant is to drink 90 oz. of water per day for 7 days
5June 29th212.8264.4 biggrin Came up with a food recipe
6July 6th 209.0 260.2 biggrin No Challenge
7July 13th 205.8 257.6 biggrin Walk 15,000 steps per day for 7 days
8July 20th 206.2 253.2 biggrin No Challenge
9July 27th 206.0 251.6 biggrin Do some type of cardiovascular activity for 30 min per day for 7days
10Aug 3rd 203.4 251.0 biggrin No Challenge
11Aug 10th 203.2 251.4 biggrin50 pushups, 100 crunches and 100 squats per day for 7 days
12Aug 17th 201.8 245.0 Achieve a 1 to 2 pound (.45 to .90 kg) weight loss during over the 12 weeks of the competition
ENDAug 21th The last day of the challenge will be Friday, August 21st. On the day you will do you final weigh in prior to 12:00 PM CST.

Side Challenges

Sign up for a 30 minute workout classTeam Complete
Run in a 5kTeam Complete
Have your Blood Pressure, cholesterol and blood glucose checked Team Complete




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